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Garlic and Its Healing Wonders for the Heart

The heart gives life, love and vitality. Matters of the heart and our overall health should be prioritized for it determines the course of our lives. Having a broken heart can literally kill you in this case.


World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, 17 Million people as of 2011 died of cardiovascular diseases. Having said this, scientists all over the world have taken great extent in finding solutions for disease prevention, protection from it and possible alternative treatments that could reduce risks and improve symptoms in patients.


  • Top on the list was Ischaemic heart disease killing 7 Million people for the year 2011 alone.
  • In second place as the most deadly killer, the stroke claiming 6.2 Million lives the same year world-wide.
  • In third place, the lower respiratory infections taking 3.2 Million people all over the world.

Today, Alternative and Complementary medicines are gaining popularity world-wide as more and more scientific studies provide safe and easy administration that produce significant results in alternative treatments.

A recent study was published by the Department of Family Medicine of Aga Khan University by WarisQidwai and TabindaAshfaq, on an open access article, showing the Role of Garlic Usage in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention as of March 2013.

Garlic (Latin: Allium sativum) as a medicinal remedy and potential herb has been used and acknowledged for over 6000 years. Significant use appearing in centuries Traditional Egyptians text and Indian Ayurveda traditional medicine, Garlic has played an important dietary, culinary and as well as medicinal role in human history through the ages.

Hypertension is an important risk factor leading to cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of garlic has shown some association with blood pressure control and is used as a remedy by many people worldwide. According to one survey, approximately 29% of people are using garlic for their blood pressure control. 

This fact was tested among patients with cardiovascular disease by giving garlic powder tablets allicor, and their 10-year prognostic risk of acute myocardial infarction and sudden death were assessed. It was seen that after 12-month treatment with allicor, there was significant decrease of cardiovascular risk. 


Similarly, it was also suggested that AGE preparation if taken as a dietary supplement by healthy individuals may be beneficial in protection against cardiovascular disease through inhibition of platelet aggregation

A trial using garlic pearls containing 250 mg of garlic among hypertensive patients for 2 months demonstrated decrease in blood pressure level and also showed decrease in biomarkers responsible for oxidative stress in blood (plasma-oxidized LDL, plasma, and urinary concentration of 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2alpha) ultimately decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease 


We conclude that the beneficial effect of garlic preparations on lipids and blood pressure extends also to platelet function, thus providing a wider potential protection of the cardiovascular system through its major effects on cholesterol reduction. However, its efficacy in blood pressure reduction is mild with some beneficial effects on platelet aggregation.