Holistic Health and The Factors that Affect It

How much attention do you give to make yourself healthy? Holistic health deals with all the elements that contributes to our health. If you don’t get what I mean then click on the image for Miami Integrative Medicine.


Congestive Heart Failure Lauderdale Specialists

If you think you have symptoms of a cardiovascular disease and you are living near Fort Lauderdale, consult a congestive heart failure Lauderdale specialist. You can find reliable names of physicians specializing in this field in the city directory or you can check online listing of cardiologists in the area.


Congestive heart failure is a disorder caused by the inadequacy of the heart’s capacity to pump blood. It can be caused by ailments that weaken the muscles of the heart or harden them. In addition, it could also result from any conditions that increase the body’s need for oxygen, which the heart cannot supply. A person with this ailment experiences several symptoms such as feeling of tiredness, shortness of breath, heart murmur, and swelling. Treatments would include some medications, change in lifestyle, proper and nutritious diet, and if all means cannot cure the disease, heart transplant could be the last recourse.

For people who cannot undergo surgery for some health or religious reasons, there are alternative ways of dealing with this problem. A visit to an acupuncturist could bring good results. There are Miami wellness centers that could offer alternative methods of treating this disorder. These wellness centers are manned by professionals in the field of alternative medicine. You can avail of excellent acupuncture Miami can offer. Acupuncture is a procedure through which tiny needles are inserted into some points of the body to cure an ailment. In case of heart diseases, it is believed that inserting needles into the veins would help unclog the blood paths, allowing it to flow smoothly and ensure that the heart could pump enough of it into the bloodstream. Aside from acupuncture, centers of wellness Miami recommend to clients exercises that would help eliminate the occurrence of congestive heart failure. There are also diets recommended by these centers.


Treatment in wellness centers require several sessions. It is important to complete the recommended sessions to achieve excellent results. Exercise must not only be performed once but continuously, until the specialist in charge of the patient would declare that he is now well enough to stop some of the procedures. Of course, the diet regiment and workouts must be maintained. Resuming the usual routine might increase the risk of the disease recurring.

Congestive heart failure could be killer disease but changing your lifestyle and following the exercise and diet plans recommended could add many years more to a person’s lifespan.

3 Important Facts about Cardiovascular Diseases and Alternative Treatments

A rise in the mortality rate especially among men caused by cardiovascular disease has been noted in the past years. Considered by many as a silent killer, cardiovascular disease is difficult to detect since there is no clear symptom or indication. Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) has been known to be the cause of majority of sudden deaths recorded.   There are three important facts that you must know about cardiovascular disease and its alternative cures.


The heart plays a major role in the cardiovascular system.

First, cardiovascular disease is a disease caused by hypertension and atherosclerosis. Hypertension or high blood pressure is one common cause of this disease among adults. When a person has high blood pressure, the heart has to exert more effort in pumping the blood around the body.  This can result to heart attack and death, or it may lead to chronic kidney disease and a shorter life expectancy.  On the other hand, atherosclerosis refers to the hardening and thickening of the arteries. This condition is caused by fats accumulating on the artery walls and as time passes by; the fat hardens and clogs the arteries. Blood flow is impeded and this could cause death. What is dangerous about this is there is no apparent symptom that something is already happening inside your arteries that could easily lead to your death.

Second, because the thickening of the artery walls cannot be easily detected, the best thing to do is to prevent such an event from occurring. Leading a healthy lifestyle is one way of reducing your risk from cardiovascular disease. Healthy lifestyle means having enough exercise, eating healthy foods, and avoiding stress as much as possible. Holistic medicine is considered one way of fighting against cardiovascular diseases.  The disease suddenly kills and therefore, preventing it is the best remedy. Avoid consuming foods that could lead to the accumulation and hardening of the fats in your arteries. Junk foods, fatty foods, sugary foods – over-consumption of these foods must be avoided from childhood to insure that you would not have cardiovascular disease.

Last, there is a group of foods that is considered as an alternative treatment to reduce the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease. Research has identified several possible herbs that can prevent this disease. Among them are garlic, ginseng, hawthorn, and horse chestnut. Foods rich in fiber, omega 3-fatty acids, soy, and nuts could keep you away from strokes and cardiac arrests. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your daily meal is always beneficial in preventing ailments, including cardiovascular diseases.  Also, while there are negative views about consuming alcohol, various scientific studies have shown that drinking wine in moderation is actually good for the heart. Wine contains alcohol, which is one agent that helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

Top 5 Things to Know Before an ECG Test

Stop and listen to the beating of your heart. That thump, thump, thump is precious and should always be regarded as a blessing for it means life. When the doctor recommends this test, do not be scared. It does not mean you are alarmingly sick. On the other hand, Knowledge is power. The more you know about your condition, the higher the chances of preventive action being successful in providing you overall wellness and good health conditions.

  1. Understand what ECG means and how it will help you:


ECG stands for Electrocardiography or EKG coming from the Greek word, kardia meaning heart. It is a medical test that interprets the activity of the heart over a period of time as detected by attaching electrodes to the surface of the skin and recorded by a machine external to the body.

A machine records the electrocardiograph. The Electrocardiograph records the electrical activity of the heart muscle and displays traces on a screen which can be printed on paper. It aims to detect if there is any (heart) cardiac abnormality through the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts in this non-invasive procedure.

ECG is recommended for patients who have experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeats and chest pain. It is used to diagnose if a person has a heart problem like enlargement of the heart, arrhythmia, poor blood supply and congenital heart defects.

  1. Various heart problems that can be diagnosed by ECG

Appearing below is a list of some heart problems that can be diagnosed by the Electrocardiogram test or ECG.

  • Damage to the heart caused by blocked arteries
  • Abnormal position of the heart
  • Poor blood supply to the heart
  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Imbalances in the blood chemicals (electrolytes) that control heart activity
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Abnormal rhythm or Arrhythmia
  • Heart Inflammation or Myocarditis/ Pericarditis
  • Cardiac Arrest during ER or ICU monitoring
  • Disturbances of the heart’s conducting system
  1. Things to do prior to test
  • Be at the hospital early and ask for the location where the ECG Test would be done.
  • No food or drink restriction before the test. It is ok to eat about an hour or before leaving the house, just not exactly before the test itself. You can however drink water to calm yourself.
  • Do not put your heart in any stress, after all, heartbeats would be measured and must be as accurate as possible to your present condition.
  • One should wear clothing that would not get in the way of the wires, in other words, something simple and non-complicated.
  • Let your doctor know if you have any allergies to adhesive tapes that may be used to attach the electrodes to your body.
  1. Long-term benefits
  • ECG is used to measure the rate and regularity of heartbeats and the effect of drugs or devices used to regulate the heart.
  • The result of the ECG will determine any treatment needed if any condition is determined in the results.
  • Taking this test regularly is recommended especially if the patient has a family history of heart disease, smoking, weight issues, diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure for preventive course of action and
  1. Possible side-effects and what to do after ECG

Good news is there are no recorded evidence that proves and side effects from taking this test. The ECG does not send the electric current to the body thus proven safe and no known risk to its takers. However, in some cases patients are allergic to the tape used in connecting the electrodes which may cause reddening of the skin.

So do take the ECG Test immediately when recommended by your physician, do not be afraid for this is for a good purpose. It will help improve your overall wellness by recording necessary data to help determine the course of action necessary to prevent any unwanted life threatening disease or to improve your present heart condition.

A healthy happy heart is necessary in living a long fulfilling life. Time is valuable and should not be wasted.  Make sure the thump, thump, thump of your heart equates to a long well lived life.

Garlic and Its Healing Wonders for the Heart

The heart gives life, love and vitality. Matters of the heart and our overall health should be prioritized for it determines the course of our lives. Having a broken heart can literally kill you in this case.


World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, 17 Million people as of 2011 died of cardiovascular diseases. Having said this, scientists all over the world have taken great extent in finding solutions for disease prevention, protection from it and possible alternative treatments that could reduce risks and improve symptoms in patients.


  • Top on the list was Ischaemic heart disease killing 7 Million people for the year 2011 alone.
  • In second place as the most deadly killer, the stroke claiming 6.2 Million lives the same year world-wide.
  • In third place, the lower respiratory infections taking 3.2 Million people all over the world.

Today, Alternative and Complementary medicines are gaining popularity world-wide as more and more scientific studies provide safe and easy administration that produce significant results in alternative treatments.

A recent study was published by the Department of Family Medicine of Aga Khan University by WarisQidwai and TabindaAshfaq, on an open access article, showing the Role of Garlic Usage in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention as of March 2013.

Garlic (Latin: Allium sativum) as a medicinal remedy and potential herb has been used and acknowledged for over 6000 years. Significant use appearing in centuries Traditional Egyptians text and Indian Ayurveda traditional medicine, Garlic has played an important dietary, culinary and as well as medicinal role in human history through the ages.

Hypertension is an important risk factor leading to cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of garlic has shown some association with blood pressure control and is used as a remedy by many people worldwide. According to one survey, approximately 29% of people are using garlic for their blood pressure control. 

This fact was tested among patients with cardiovascular disease by giving garlic powder tablets allicor, and their 10-year prognostic risk of acute myocardial infarction and sudden death were assessed. It was seen that after 12-month treatment with allicor, there was significant decrease of cardiovascular risk. 


Similarly, it was also suggested that AGE preparation if taken as a dietary supplement by healthy individuals may be beneficial in protection against cardiovascular disease through inhibition of platelet aggregation

A trial using garlic pearls containing 250 mg of garlic among hypertensive patients for 2 months demonstrated decrease in blood pressure level and also showed decrease in biomarkers responsible for oxidative stress in blood (plasma-oxidized LDL, plasma, and urinary concentration of 8-iso-Prostaglandin F2alpha) ultimately decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease 


We conclude that the beneficial effect of garlic preparations on lipids and blood pressure extends also to platelet function, thus providing a wider potential protection of the cardiovascular system through its major effects on cholesterol reduction. However, its efficacy in blood pressure reduction is mild with some beneficial effects on platelet aggregation.

New Integrative Medicine for Arrhythmia: Electroacupuncture Vs. Traditional Acupuncture in the 21st century

Arrhythmia is the sporadic fluttering of the heart rate that usually lasts 30 seconds, 1 minute or longer. Fatal arrhythmia occurs in association with coronary heart disease, blockage problems in the arteries and valve problems included. Often this is the result of intense physical exertion and becomes even more lethal when combined with drug intoxication as in most cases. Another term for the malignant arrhythmia is ventricular fibrillation. Though considered by many as non-threatening and treatable, the symptoms when taken for granted can be fatal. Alternative medicine has paved the way for it to be treated by undergoing acupuncture therapy. Western medicine having reviewed the effective application and documentation of age old Eastern medicine in treating medical conditions has sought to conduct the clinical testing of acupuncture effectively and for some improve the results by combining the old with new technologies.


Clinical studies done and published by the Shanghai Research Center for Acupuncture and Meridians last 2009 have shown the effective of use of traditional acupuncture for cardiac arrhythmia. 

Acupuncture is defined as a collection of procedures involving penetration of the skin with hair-thin needles of varying lengths to stimulate certain points on the body or acupoints. Having originated in China, this therapy has been used for thousands of year which with the stimulation of specific acupuncture points, which is said to correct imbalance in the flow of qi through channels known as meridians. The balance provides the patient overall wellness and calm bringing vitality back in ones’ life.

In a published abstract by Van Wormer AM, Lindquist R, Sendelback SE of the University of Minnesota last 2008, it was said that according to eight studies reviewed, 87% to 100% of participants converted to normal sinus rhythm after undergoing traditional acupuncture.

Further studies would need to be done for acupuncture to be declared more viable intervention in Western medicine. There is a significant need for standards to be set in treatment protocols, including but not limited to diverse patient population and extensive patient follow-up for long term beneficial effects.

On the other hand, Integrative medicine, also called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) over the last two decades has noticed the increased appreciation and patronage of integrative medical therapies in various health care treatments. 


Electroacupuncture is defined as a form of acupuncture where the use of electric current is made to pass between pairs of acupuncture needs. A more scientific term being used is percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (PENS).

For the time being, there is no sufficient scientific evidence supporting the safety nor efficiency of the said procedure.

Recent studies conducted both in China and in North America show the potential of treating patients with Electroacupuncture. It is said that in the future, this may serve as a replacement for antiarrhythmic in patients who do not want to undergo the traditional form of treatment through drugs which cause several serious side effects.


Keeping Total Wellness While in Business

Living in Miami, Florida is a great experience. Being the major center of commerce and finance, the opportunity of having a good life is just around the corner. Miami boasts a strong international business community and is considered as an Alpha minus world city. It was stated to have a Gross Metropolitan Product of $257 billion and is ranked 20th worldwide in GMP, and 11th in the United States. That is quite amazing, isn’t it? But surely, like any other countries in the world that has been known for an interesting economic development, Miami has multiplied its effort to become what it is now. I believe that life, at some points, has become greatly stressful.


 Wellness for Miami might have been an issue during the times when the city is just starting to make a name. Working everyday and dealing with the same old tasks and people might really be exhausting and sometimes give you diseases. I started working when I was 20 and by that time, I never felt really tired until I reached 24. I am glad to be working but there were many times when I stayed in bed, sick. They say that it is on how you take each day that are able to keep yourself healthy. With proper diet, regular exercise, proper hygiene, and positive thinking, you surely will have a total wellness.

However, you are too busy to monitor all these things for yourself…and so how is that? The solution? Give yourself some time. You can never do everything at the same time and so learn to prioritize. Priorities start when you learn how to give the right value for each thing. Take time to relax if you need to rest. Eat well if you are hungry. Take some of junk foods to satisfy your cravings some time. A little of it wouldn’t cause you harm. Miami people treat wellness as something that is not supposed to be a strict rule but a happy experience that everyone would wish to feel.

It is very important to keep ourselves healthy also buy engaging to activities that will require some stretch and bents. Wellness is something to enjoy. Obsessive obedience to health tips sometimes deprives you of what your body needs instead of giving it. This can cause you health problems like lack of nutrients in the end. Be busy with your wellness as you are busy with your business. After all, a good health constitutes to a good job and a good life.