Holistic Medicine as an Art and Science

Holistic medicine can be considered as an art and a science too. The process involves the sum of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The person is seen as a unique individual and not just a person that is affected by a certain disease or physical condition. All factors in the life of the person have to be considered. These factors involve physical, nutritional, lifestyle, social, environmental, emotional and social components that make up the individual as a whole.

holistic medicine

In general, holistic medicines rely on herbal remedies and natural foods that can prevent and cure different kinds of diseases. The approach is a way different from the traditional medical model that sees the signs and symptoms of diseases. It works by focusing on the root cause of the problem. By knowing where the defects are coming from, the right treatment will be given. Exploring the cause may mean looking into the patient’s posture to getting a new pair of shoes that will allow the patient to walk correctly.

One of the many directives of holistic medicine in Miami is to bring caring and healing together. The essential philosophy of the holistic approach is that health and well-being are two of the most important factors that involve a person as a whole. In order for you to achieve the consistent health and well-being to the fullest, an improvement in your lifestyle, social habits and physical conditions may be necessary. Holistic medicine can make you realize how certain areas of your lives are connected together and if you can manage to keep them in perfect harmony, everything can just get better.

The effectiveness of the holistic treatment primarily depends on you. You have to make the decision to be a better person and make the most out of life in a responsible manner. With the belief that the body, mind and spirit are connected, you must be very careful in each and every aspect of your life. Holistic doctors in Miami can help you achieve the fullest benefits of this art and science combined. Practitioners of holistic medicine would be able to teach people how to make changes and choices that would avoid serious diseases from ever happening.

Holistic medicine’s focus is more on the patient rather than the illness. With this fact, the approach can help create a more loving, diverse and integrated culture of medicine in one way or another.


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