Congestive Heart Failure Lauderdale Specialists

If you think you have symptoms of a cardiovascular disease and you are living near Fort Lauderdale, consult a congestive heart failure Lauderdale specialist. You can find reliable names of physicians specializing in this field in the city directory or you can check online listing of cardiologists in the area.


Congestive heart failure is a disorder caused by the inadequacy of the heart’s capacity to pump blood. It can be caused by ailments that weaken the muscles of the heart or harden them. In addition, it could also result from any conditions that increase the body’s need for oxygen, which the heart cannot supply. A person with this ailment experiences several symptoms such as feeling of tiredness, shortness of breath, heart murmur, and swelling. Treatments would include some medications, change in lifestyle, proper and nutritious diet, and if all means cannot cure the disease, heart transplant could be the last recourse.

For people who cannot undergo surgery for some health or religious reasons, there are alternative ways of dealing with this problem. A visit to an acupuncturist could bring good results. There are Miami wellness centers that could offer alternative methods of treating this disorder. These wellness centers are manned by professionals in the field of alternative medicine. You can avail of excellent acupuncture Miami can offer. Acupuncture is a procedure through which tiny needles are inserted into some points of the body to cure an ailment. In case of heart diseases, it is believed that inserting needles into the veins would help unclog the blood paths, allowing it to flow smoothly and ensure that the heart could pump enough of it into the bloodstream. Aside from acupuncture, centers of wellness Miami recommend to clients exercises that would help eliminate the occurrence of congestive heart failure. There are also diets recommended by these centers.


Treatment in wellness centers require several sessions. It is important to complete the recommended sessions to achieve excellent results. Exercise must not only be performed once but continuously, until the specialist in charge of the patient would declare that he is now well enough to stop some of the procedures. Of course, the diet regiment and workouts must be maintained. Resuming the usual routine might increase the risk of the disease recurring.

Congestive heart failure could be killer disease but changing your lifestyle and following the exercise and diet plans recommended could add many years more to a person’s lifespan.


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