Getting the Right Amount of Wellness: Spiritual Aspect

A great figure and a beautiful face will never make a good personality without belief to the Divine Master. I am not speaking in behalf of any religious organization but I believe everyone would understand the importance of having a healthy spirit to achieve total wellness. Spirituality plays an important role in providing us direction to righteousness. When we do right things, we are rewarded back with good results and this makes us happy, consequently, healthy.


In Miami where wellness is always a highlight among families, going to church every church day is very important. We are nourished through personal beliefs, morals, and/or religion. These things help us become positive and hopeful in all the struggles that we may have. A spiritually healthy person knows his limitations. He observes ethics in all his deeds and even shares his spiritual awareness to guide other people towards righteousness.

Furthermore, spirituality gives us the rightful connection to ourselves and to others. It provides harmony and peace of mind. If you are familiar with yoga, it involves spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects. This is one of the principles of Miami Integrative Medicine. A healthy spirit also finds purpose in life & meaning in the little things you do every day. This gives the sense of contentment from what we have and used to receive each day. A saying goes like, “it is those who crave for more who are poor and the rich are those who are contented”. This is very true to all situations.

When everything is done righteously, you will be able to develop a philosophy of life that you want to live by. Dreams and realities come from philosophies that we have in life. They don’t just come out from the ground but they are pondered upon. A person who has a clear, peaceful, and righteous thinking is able to construct all his dreams and turn them into something tangible. I know that not everyone who reads this article have the same religion or say belief as I do but I am certain that all religious concepts are guided by only one common philosophy and that is to do what is good and just. Wellness covers every aspect of our being and each aspect is equal to one another. Nothing should come first in our priorities but each should be given an equal attention. 


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