The Principles Behind Alternative Medicine

AcupunctureProfessionals practicing alternative medicine believe that all is connected and that each plays a unique role to maintain one’s wellness. There are different principles behind integrative medicine. One is the belief that there should be a partnership between the patient and the practitioner to acquire healing. In fact it is said that the healing process plays in ratio of 50:50. That is, 50% of being cured would come to the medicine and the other 50% would come from the belief of the patient that he will be cured by the medicine or by the medical practitioner.

Another principle is applied and is evident with the Miami Integrative Medicine. They believe that appropriate use of conventional and complimentary methods to facilitate the body’s own healing response. The body has its own way to heal itself and we should not, through any other medical procedures, be interfering to this, rather we should aid to it. This constitutes to the use of natural, less invasive interventions. An example is the practice of acupuncture in Miami medical centers. One should also consider all the factors that affect health, wellness and disease, including all other aspects on an individual. All is connected as it is believed in the field of alternative medicine and it is the same story as now.

And since it is not enough that medical practitioners know the cure, broad concepts of promotion of health and prevention of illness as well as treatment of disease were also formulated. A philosophy that neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative medicine uncritically also exists.

Wellness in Miami has been improved by the consistent dedication of hospitals to treat diseases through recognizing good medical practice as inquiry driven and based in good science and open to new paradigms. The commitment of alternative medicine practitioners to the process of self – exploration and personal development made the role models of health and healing.

Alternative medicine is already a treatment used in the old times. However, technological advancements left an impact to the medical field and surpassed most of alternative treatments. As the goodness of these forms of treatment was concealed, People became more and more desperate to idolize what they thought as the only solutions to their health problems. The principles of integrative medicine are very simple and merely easier to be understood by those in the lower society.


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