When to Perform an Electrocardiography?

ImageElectrocardiogram is a useful tool in diagnosing heart conditions like heart attack, chest pain and other cardiovascular conditions. Emergency departments always have ECG machines to detect any heart rhythm abnormalities for patients with cardiac events. Routine use of the ECG as a diagnostic tool for cardiac patients is helpful especially in case of emergency. However,repeated use in patients who present no significant cardiac symptoms can only cause waste of money and effort. The use of specific diagnostic tool should consider factors like the presenting symptoms and the critical decision making of healthcare providers.

Resting ECG is helpful in the diagnosis of abnormal heart rhythm and an acute coronary syndrome. With the aid of the ECG, healthcare providers can be able to test young athletes to look for cardiomyopathy or any other rare inherited abnormality that can trigger a dangerous heart rhythm. Patients can also be effectively treated with the right medication if diagnosed with hidden heart tissue changes or alterations. Miami Valley cardiology specializes in analyzing heart rhythms which is helpful enough in detecting any abnormalities and conditions of the heart. The test should only be done with patients who have known cardiac symptoms or for those who are to undergo procedures like stress test as part of the health assessment.

In the United States, healthcare cost is remarkably high due mainly to the cost of maintaining healthcare facilities and the complexity of medical procedures. Doing unnecessary tests can only add to the expenses for healthcare. When patients have no remarkable symptoms that would warrant the use of a diagnostic tool then it must not be included in the routine checkup. This is also the advice of the US Preventive Services Task Force and the American College of Cardiology Foundation/American Heart Association. Cardiologist Miami only employs necessary tests that would exactly determine the nature of the heart condition and the presenting symptoms. Other tests will only be futile if not supported by any valid symptoms of the patient.

The use of the ECG can be much utilized in cases of emergency heart conditions like heart attack or any known history of cardiac events. Miami Children’s HoImagespital cardiology department uses tools like the ECG in supporting valid diagnosis to help in the overall prognosis of patients. The patients’ overall progress can only be established on proper medical management based on valid health assessment and the diagnosis of underlying condition. The use of diagnostic tools like the ECG can help much in providing quality patient care.


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