Wellness in Acupuncture

When we speak about wellness, first thing that will come to your mind is a balanced health not only with the body but also with mind and spirit which marks a total sense of comfort and security. The word has been exposed and became a framework of the so-called ‘’alternative medicine’’ since the phrase ‘‘high level of wellness” was used in the ‘50’s by Halbert L. Dunn, M.D. The prevailing theory about wellness toned down until the onset of 1970’s. The National Wellness Institute termed wellness as a dynamic practice of becoming responsive and creating alternatives in order to have a more productive existence. This is coherent with getting rid of different illnesses and steadfast with its context about human health, his total being and continuing growth.


Acupuncture is one of the best examples of the previously tagged alternative medicines. This is an old-style form of medicine practiced for almost 2000 years, mostly by people in China. Acupuncture is often tagged as traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. It is a practice of inserting fine needles into particular energy points on the body’s meridians. In this application, the insertion of needles might cause a little pain but once it was positioned a soothing and relaxing feeling comes afterwards wherein most of the patients fall asleep. This old-fashioned Chinese alternative medicine involves the heating up of meridian points with scorching herb applied close to the skin which is called moxibustion. The inserted needle helps in regulating electromagnetic energy flow inside the body. Until today, nobody knows how acupuncture really works but the common results come with the disappearance of body pains, tensions and even anxieties. Acupuncture, together with Chinese herbal medicine can also be an effective medication for depression, common colds, insomnia, gynecological disorder, infertility, acne, detox and muscle aches.


At present, acupuncture is being practiced not only in China but worldwide.  Just like the acupuncture in Miami FL in the United States. For almost two decades, the Miami Beach Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic has functioned, performed and provided safe acupuncture services for local and pop-in community equally. This is through the determination of a very experienced person to most of healing modalities named Quinn Martielli, who gives her clients the most satisfactory yet positive results instantly – in mind, body and spirit as well. Like many years in the field of alternative medicine in Miami acupuncture still holds the system to sustain optimum health – just the same effect like it was first practiced some 2000 years back.


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