Quinidine – Not Available in Most Countries Survey Says

Anti-arrhythmic drugs are valuable enough in managing abnormal heart rhythms in most critically ill patients. The importance of having a ready resource for the drug reduces any possibility for serious complications. However, a recent study says anti-arrhythmic drugs are unavailable in most places. The study is according to a new survey of doctors in 131 countries. The impact of this scenario may pose certain risks and disadvantages when it comes to the patient care and their overall prognosis. The role of proper medication as a mainstay treatment for abnormal heart rhythms should not be overlooked and must be given the due attention for effective patient recovery.

Some drug companies are not producing much quantity of anti-arrhythmic drugs like Quinidine due to its rare use. This drug prevents arrhythmias among people with Brugada syndrome which is an inherited condition. This case involves the quivering of heart’s bottom chambers eventually leading to improper circulation of blood. Quinidine is cheap and is only used for small group of patients. This is why drug companies fail to give more focus and attention on producing and marketing such medications. Cardiologist in Miami finds this as a great disadvantage among patients needing the medication for their conditions. This is a problem for a small number of patients worldwide but is a serious one because patients have no other alternatives.



This study was headed by Dr. Sami Viskin, a cardiologist from Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel. Viskin and his group sent questionnaires to arrhythmia patients and heard back from 273 doctors in 131 countries. Quinidine was readily available to patients in just about 19 of these countries that include US, France, Brazil, and Australia. Quinidine is not accessible in more than 75% in 99 countries surveyed including Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. When seeking medical attention from the best cardiologist in Miami, you can ensure to have the medicine readily available on their stock as opposed to practices in other countries. This may be due to less incidence of the condition treated by the medicine.

quinidine2In some countries included in the study, doctors still need to go through regulatory procedures to get the medicine. Included in the survey is the case of 22 patients who have serious arrhythmia that may have been due to lack of quinidine. In cases of unavailability, cardiologist in Miami may resort to some other treatments or special interventions to deal with the heart rhythm condition. The cheap price of quinidine and its use in a small group of patients remain the major reason why some drug companies stopped producing the drug.


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