More Companies to Grant Healthcare Incentives for their Employees

Based on a research, the Affordable Care Act has more than a few specifications and terms consecutively to push an extensive acceptance, implementation and formation of wellness care programs. On the year 2012, just about a year ago, there goes a funding of almost $200 million distributed to small business ventures to design wellness Miami programs if they have not yet done before March of 2010. Pretty nearly the onset of January on present year, latest addition on requirements will be added to this wellness programs especially on those tied-up with the employee’s individual health conditions, like his body mass index or BMI. Other wellness programs include gym membership discount and diagnostic examinations. 


A certain family-owned foundation in US together with some Miami wellness center provide a functional platform of the present implementation of wellness program and its overview as stated in the Wellness Programs and Risk Assessments taken from the Employer Health Benefits 2012 Annual Survey. Having the survey as solid basis, it presented that almost 94 percent of big companies, particularly those who hire a number of almost 200 and above employees provide no less than one of the specific wellness courses which involves weight loss plan, biometric screening, stop smoking program, lifestyle and behavioral guidance, gym membership rebates or on-location exercise amenities, schooling on nutrition and healthy living, web-based sources about healthy lifestyle and wellness circulars. Identical program is also adopted by some 63 percent of small business establishments especially those who house a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 199 employees. This healthy lifestyle behavior which are being provided were in a form of availing flu vaccine and physician-recommended preventive screenings, completion of smoking cessation series, maintenance of body mass index, cholesterol levels and blood pressures, attending to medical condition and treatment classes for free and participation to 5-kilometer race or triathlon.

In order to seriously persuade and boost employee involvement, the said survey recorded that 41 percent of these big companies and 10 percent from the small business establishments proffer a mode of monetary motivation or incentive together with the bulk of those companies that prefer to compensate their employees with gift checks, travel, products or hard cash. Amazingly, a small number of institutions give an account to the payment of their employee’s health insurance premiums from a small percentage of their funds – talking to only two percent of small business establishments while 14 percent from larger companies.

At the end, the employees may realize the beImagenefits brought by this program and even majority of medical wellness center in Miami do believe that these health program line-up will provide an all-inclusive and expertly designed wellness agenda as a promotion of awareness about internal and external health and wellness to deal with the rising tendencies in healthcare expenses.


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